Toyota Corolla Cross Coming to Pakistan?

Earlier this year Indus Motor Company (IMC) revealed its plans to launch the first Hybrid SUV in Pakistan which will be giving competition to Kia Sportage and, in future to upcoming Hyundai Tucson & Proton X70.

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We discussed possible options in our earlier post regarding which Toyota SUV IMC intends to launch in Pakistan. These include the C-HR hybrid, RAV4 hybrid as well as a new Yaris-based crossover SUV, however according to the information provided by the company which reads:

“The new SUV will make its global debut this year while the best thing is, it will go on sale in Pakistan alongside.”

The above statement rules out the possibility of C-HR and RAV4 hybrid since they are already available in global markets and have made their debuts long ago, whereas Yaris Cross cannot be pitted against the likes of Kia Sportage. However the debut of the all new 4th gen Toyota Harrier in June 2020 opened up the debate once again. But interestingly the new Harrier comes with a 2.5L A25A-FXS hybrid setup with no 1.8L hybrid option in the lineup. According to IMC however, their new Hybrid SUV will have a 1.8L engine, and currently there is no SUV in Toyota’s portfolio that comes with a 1.8L hybrid powertrain on offer.

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Toyota Corolla Cross Coming to Pakistan? 1

Toyota RAV4

The information which IMC shared earlier reads:

“Where Kia Sportage and Hyundai Tuscon have a 2.0L engine, the new Hybrid SUV will have a 1.8L engine. However since it is a Hybrid vehicle coupled with an electric motor, it will give a combined output of a 2.4L capacity engine. It will be environmentally friendly and will benefit the consumers in terms of fuel consumption.”

Toyota Corolla Cross Coming to Pakistan? 2

Toyota Corolla Cross

However yesterday Toyota has debuted an all new SUV called as the Corolla Cross in Thailand and with that, the mystery regarding IMC’s new SUV seems to have been solved since the Corolla Cross comes equipped with a 1.8L hybrid powetrain setup, and as indicated by IMC earlier, the vehicle will be making its global debut this year, which the Corolla Cross just has.

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Furthermore IMC is in process of introducing the 12th gen Corolla sedan in Pakistan. Spy shots of camouflaged test mules have already made it to the internet. Both Corolla sedan and the Corolla Cross sits on the same TNGA platform and share many parts, mechanical components as well as the interior which will enable IMC to hit two birds with one stone. The company can build the two vehicles on the same assembly line which will save them costs.

Toyota Corolla Cross Coming to Pakistan? 3

Interior of Corolla Cross

However the most important thing is price. In Thailand the Corolla Cross is priced from THB 989,000 (PKR 52.59 lac) to up to THB 1,199,000 (PKR 63.76 lac) whereas the local assembled Kia Sportage is available here between PKR 48.99 lac and PKR 53.99 lac. It will be interesting to see how IMC will price the Corolla Cross if its launched here, and whether the company will compromise on features & equipment to bring the price down, we will have to wait to find out.

Toyota Corolla Cross

In a time when crossover and SUVs are rapidly becoming popular all over the world and in Pakistan too, considering the fact that they offer higher ground clearance which aids well in driving over miserable roads, abnormally extruded speed breakers or paving their way through rain floods, the crossover & SUVs have a bright future here. It will indeed be a good move by IMC to bring the Corolla Cross here that will certainly give tough competition to the likes of Kia Sportage but pricing will sure be crucial.

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As per previously shared information, the Corolla Cross will initially be imported as CBU, however depending on its success the company will consider assembling it locally. If all goes well, the Toyota Corolla Cross will be introduced here towards the end of this year, stay tuned to CarSpiritPK for more information.

7 thoughts on “Toyota Corolla Cross Coming to Pakistan?”

  1. It is better looking than the Sportage, at the front at-least, however, I agree, price is crucial. However, don’t you think that 1.8L engine has a presence stretching back to a period when 2nd generation Prius made its way in Pakistan under Musharraf regime? I think in this period, the mechanics got to know it better, this knowledge of theirs’ is going to make Corolla Cross easier to maintain as compared to Sportage.
    Anyway, this vehicle hardly concerns people like us, even if it is priced equal to Sportage. So, I guess not belonging to this customer group, I can hardly predict what makes a car of this category pick for the customer.

  2. It was never going to be a RAV4 as it belongs to a segment above than Sportage or Tucson, it competes with SantaFe, CRV and somewhat to Kia Sorento and not Sportage. It could have been CHR but it is cramped and has polarising crossover styling which is not to Pakistani tastes so this seems to be a much better option although being a hybrid with more options compared to Sportage, I think it will be priced much higher, maybe half a million more atleast.

  3. Another Dumb a** decision by local car manufacturers. How do they decide on these cars? What is the process? Does it involve getting as high as possible and then just approving the first dumb thing anyone blurts out?
    Just because it has the “magical” Corolla name, this SUV is not the best decision for the market. It will again be priced too high for most people; most probably around 5 million or more.
    Look at the new Daihatsu Rocky/Toyota Raize. There is an article on Carspiritpk on it already. Check it out. The Rocky/Raize is the best car/SUV for the Pakistani market. At least it will be cheap enough for more people to buy. It has Turbo charged 1000cc engine with a D-CVT gearbox and the option of AWD and FWD, making it efficient and powerful to drive.
    This “Corolla SUV” is not the answer. Its just style. Toyota Indus will spend million getting this into the market and when it does not sell, will complain of unfair treatment, blame the imports, and call the Pakistani car market bad. That is like kicking themselves in the nuts and then complaining about it.
    Do the right thing for once. bring in small cars and SUVs from the japan market, which are already very famous here (Passo anyone?), priced around 1.8 to 2.5 million so people can at least think about buying them. If they are concerned with the assembly line/production line establishment costs. Again. bringing in small SUV and cars that more people could potentially buy means more profits and recovery of what Toyota Indus would spend. This “Corolla SUV” would mostly be sunk cost; because, as it appears, it will be priced too high, making it a play toy for the rich. Either it will just stay as a CBU import or Toyota Indus will phase it out. Either way, like i said, another dumb a** decision by the locals.

    1. IMC CEO Ali Asghar Jamali once said “Toyota does not have expertise in small car manufacturing”. Someone needs to remind him that Daihatsu is a wholly owned subsidiary of Toyota and has expertise in small cars so much so that it gives Suzuki a cut-throat competition in Japanese domestic market with a greater market share than Suzuki. IMC used to sell Daihatsu cars in past such as the popular ‘Cuore’, whats stopping them to take that route again?

      Furthermore as far as Toyota’s expertise in small cars are concerned, then Vitz is the ultimate example. Plus there is a whole lot of them such as Passo, Wigo, Pixis and the list goes on… Someone who says Toyota don’t have expertise in small cars doesn’t justify his position as a CEO of Toyota Pakistan

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