Changan Blue Core Engine Sets Guinness World Record

Chinese auto giant Changan has been able to set yet another Guinness World record to its name, this time with its 1.5 liter Blue Core engine.

In late December 2020, Changan challenged the “Longest Live Video Broadcasting” Guinness World Record and unleashed the true power of its 1.5T Blue Core high pressure direct injection engine.

Changan Blue Core Engine Sets Guinness World Record 1

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From 16th to 25th December, Changan’s Blue Core engine challenged the Guinness World Record title of “Longest Live Video Broadcast” held at Chongqing Changan Automobile Global R&D Center. Through online live broadcast, the Blue Core NE 1.5T high-pressure direct-injection engine was tested non-stop for up to 259 hours. Throughout the test, the engine speed was maintained above 5500 rpm– a true test for the reliability and stability of the engine.

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The Blue Core NE 1.5T high-pressure direct-injection engine is also the winner of 2020 “China Core” Top 10 engine award.

Changan Blue Core Engine Sets Guinness World Record 2

Blue Core is a range of self-developed high performance engines by Changan which delivers optimum performance with reduced emissions. The low CO2 emission technology has three key characteristics of providing powerful, clean and quiet driving experience covering a number of powertrain technologies, such as TEi, i-GDI and D-VVT optimized for auto, manual and dual clutch transmissions.

As the keeper of multiple Guinness Records, Changan has organized the largest autopilot cruise in 2018 and composed a car graphics by the largest numbers of people in 2019.

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6 days ago

very impressive. now where are those jin ko china ki reliability se humesha masla rehta hai

Reply to  Kamran
5 days ago

I knew, someone was going to say that. The engine has yet to survive in Pakistan and if I am correct, than suspension also matters to a car buyer so unless Changan is able to operate for ten or fifteen years at a similar maintenance cost and frequency of maintenance as a Toyota or Suzuki vehicles do in Pakistan. I am not going to be buying it. Also, why do you care whatever others feel? Please buy the crap Changhan, use it and state about your experience maybe then you will have something solid to prove about its durability.

Reply to  Khurram
4 days ago

As far as reliability and quality is concerned, Suzuki cars are pathetic in this category all around the global major automotive markets. You won’t find any decent number of suzuki cars in markets like US, Europe, Gulf and China. Cheap suzuki junk is generally popular among under developed and poorer countries around the world. But yeah Toyota is totally in another league altogether and have a great market share globally under both of its Toyota and Lexus brands and are famous for reliability and retaining reasonable resale value too. There are many Chinese manufacturers which are competing in global automotive… Read more »

Reply to  Asim
4 days ago

Well, Suzuki Jimny is popular in Europe it has been phased out of the market recently because it failed to comply with emission standards. If it were not reliable or durable, it would not have been popular. Moreover, Thailand and Japan are developed countries, Suzuki is doing well over there. Furthermore, I am using Suzuki Cultus 2017 old shape and after four years of fairly rough use, it has not cost me other than regular oil change. Is it not reliability? Sure the plastic is cheap however, it has not faded yet, its ability of retaining its original state is… Read more »

Reply to  UsmanAnsari
4 days ago

Bhai Usman I am not defending their current price, I am merely enumerating about their product’s durability and reliability supported by my own experience. Since Changan is missing it and to me these features do not matter therefore, I am not going to try it and risk my money, I am going to stay with my Suzuki. Moreover, I have already stated that people in their hate for a product tend to exaggerate things, the person should have condemned price rather than durability of Suzuki. A couple of days ago one person was stating that Corolla Altis has only one… Read more »

Reply to  UsmanAnsari
4 days ago

Oh, Okay, Jazak Allah for informing me that but while you are clarifying the models that contained those airbags the dude was not. Moreover, he was talking about a 2020 model that is why checked the brochure and found that he was spreading incorrect information it is not nice thing to do.

1 day ago

As far as Alsvin price, body strength, finishing and features are concerned. No doubt, apparently they are far better providing than currently existing Big-3.
The suspension and engine performance both main qualities are hidden and comes in front with the passage of time. So i think they require min. 2 years to win trust of Pakistani Consumers.
Until then the rule applies that…. who dares, wins.