Toyota Hilux 4×4 Prices Increased

Toyota Hilux 4x4 Prices Increased 1

Indus Motor Company has announced the revised prices of Toyota Hilux 4×4 pickup variants in wake of the 7.5% FED imposed on locally assembled double cabin 4×4 pickups in the financial budget 2020-21.

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The Federal Minister for Industries and Production, Hammad Azhar who presented the Budget 2020-21 in the parliament said these vehicles were originally intended for commercial purposes but are largely used as status symbol in the country because of which the FED has been imposed.

Toyota Hilux 4x4 Prices Increased 2

According to the notification the IMV-III STD (Hilux E) with an increase of PKR 4.13 lac now cost PKR 59.12 lac. The Revo G MT with an increase of PKR 4.43 lac is now available for 63.42 lac whereas the Revo G AT variant witnesses an increase of PKR 4.65 lac to reach PKR 66.64 lac. The top-spec Revo V with an increase of PKR 4.92 lac is now available for PKR 70.41 lac.

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All prices mentioned above are excluding freight charges. The revised prices will be implemented from the 1st of July 2020.

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