Auto Industry Wants 2 Years to Switch to Euro 5

Local auto industry has sought 2 years to switch over to Euro-5 fuel or exclude existing models under production in the country, according to a report published by Business Recorder.

On June 4, 2020, Cabinet Committee on Energy (CCoE) disallowed Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) to import petrol below Euro-5 grade after August 1, 2020. The decision of CCoE was endorsed by the federal cabinet on June 23, 2020.

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CCoE supported switching over from current Euro-2 fuel and observed that it is need of time to adopt Euro-5 fuels in the country as many countries have already shifted to Euro-5 & Euro-6 due to lesser sulfur content and lower emission, which would ultimately facilitate in reducing negative environmental impact.

Auto Industry Wants 2 Years to Switch to Euro 5 1


However one of the top Japanese car assembling companies, in a letter to the Secretary Industries and Production said that currently Pakistan’s regulatory emission requirements under SRO 72(KE) of May 16, 2009 is equivalent to Euro-2 which provided two-years to automotive industry to change over from Euro Zero to Euro-2. According to the company:

“We understand that due to common White Oil Pipeline Project (WOPP) and awaited facility upgrades at few local refineries, it may not be possible to ensure Euro IV/V fuel at retail stage across Pakistan. Surely, Government would be working to devise mechanisms for assuring fuel quality at retail stage for end users.”

The company further asserted that fuel quality is directly linked with vehicles emissions, fuel efficiencies, engine performance and durability. Often unchartered fuel ingredients/additives like metallic RON boosters result negatively on high tech engine performance. Also, parts supply chain/engineering change management is automotive industry is complex and depend on long-term forecast, therefore, an appropriate lead time is imperative for extensive testing of engine performance based on fuel available at retail stage.

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The automaker has assured its support to upgrade Pakistan ambient air quality by upgrading vehicles and fuel to Euro-5 level. However, considering relationship between fuel quality and automotive vehicles, the company has requested the government to directly engage auto industry in emission/ fuel quality regulatory requirement and share latest status for long-term planning and parts supply chain management and provide sufficient lead time, at least 2 years, to switch over according to fuel quality available at retail stage across Pakistan or exclude existing models under production within country.

Full story: Business Recorder

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Faisal Raza
6 months ago

why do they want 2 years? i mean cars like united bravo or prince pearl will be hard to upgrade but in Corolla or Civic all they need is ecu & catalytic converter, can anyone enlighten me on this please?

Hamza Ali
Reply to  Faisal Raza
6 months ago

Because model improvement cycle lead time is 2 years. New changes can only be implemented then

Reply to  Faisal Raza
6 months ago

The transition from Euro 2 to Euro 5 will require significant modifications to the vehicles. No. 1. An upgraded ECU will be needed, as will the entire fuel delivery system. In the same way, all the metering sensors have to be replaced. There is also a difference in the compression ratio of Euro 2 and Euro 5 engines. Different versions of any engine are made according to different fuel grades.

6 months ago

in local auto industry walo har har baat mei rona rehta hai.. ***** saarey k saarey
(language edited)

6 months ago

It was expected. Some of the response is reasonable such as that part about “awaited facility upgrades at few local refineries” and potential mixing in the WOPP. As noted in the previous article “Pakistan to Officially Adapt Euro-5 Standards from August 2020” dated 24 June 2020 (link also present in above article), Pakistan imports larger part of its fuel however substantial fuel refining also takes place locally. In the comments section of above-mentioned article the gentleman (lady?) shared the concern about non-upgrading of local refineries whereas even the deadline given by OGRA has passed years ago. And also whether there… Read more »

6 months ago

Assemblers should not be given more than 6 months. Making excuses, delaying and milking consumers is their strategy since the start.

Think of the consumer instead of assembler mafia, for once!

Also, strategy must be in place to upgrade 2 and 3 wheelers accordingly.