Pakistan to Officially Adapt Euro-5 Standards from August 2020

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The federal government has decided to shift petrol and diesel from EURO-2 to EURO-5. The historical decision was taken in the federal cabinet meeting held on Tuesday headed by Prime Minister Imran Khan who approved the plan to make a shift to the higher-quality fuel standards in Pakistan.

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According to Prime Minister’s Adviser on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam, the premier had promised to increase the quality of petrol and it has been fulfilled. He said the petrol will be shifted to EURO-5 standards from the 1st of August, whereas diesel standard will be uplifted from January 2021.

Earlier this month it was reported that the state-run oil marketing giant Pakistan State Oil (PSO) will begin importing Euro-5 standard fuel after approval from the government. Sources said the Petroleum Division had sought approval of the Cabinet Committee on Energy, for import of Euro-5 fuel from the first week of June. Subsequently, import of petrol below Euro-5 specifications may not be allowed to any oil marketing company (OMC) beyond the deadline, according to the Petroleum Division.

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The current EURO-2 standards which became internationally obsolete by year 2000 were officially adapted in Pakistan in July 2012. Pakistan was 20 years behind the rest of the world as far as emission standards were concerned. The transition to a cleaner & better fuel was the need of the day and is indeed a welcome step towards betterment of country’s environment and the well being of its citizens.

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5 months ago

Modern diesel engines such as common-rail Toyota 1KD, 1GD and etc. had short lifespans in Pakistan because of poor fuel. Fuel of obsolete technology not only contributes to health hazards, it also damages engine, fuel filter and catalytic converter etc. Welcome idea to adopt modern fuel standards. However the problem of adulterated fuel is still there. And smuggled fuel has quality standards, it is a lottery sometimes you get very good fuel but mostly very pathetic quality. But good news is that smuggling is reduced nowadays. Pakistan always had cheaper petrol (on Dollar per liter basis) compared to neighboring countries… Read more »

Reply to  Guest
5 months ago

Smuggling has not reduced, our stupid people are still creeping across border into Iran and then bringing that litter filled fuel. It is wonderful that Pakistan is still surviving tactics of Mossad, RAW and other enemy agencies. Considering a great number of people eating from country for sake of a pittance are damaging it.

Last edited 5 months ago by Khurram
5 months ago

One is lead to wonder what stopped them from transitioning to current EURO 6 standard instead of still lagging behind the world with EURO 5?