Petrol Price Increased by Rs 26 per Liter

Petrol Price Increased by Rs 26 per Liter 1

Federal government on Friday has announced to increase the price of petrol by Rs 25.58 per liter for the month of July in line with the hike in global crude oil prices. The new prices have taken immediate effect from the 26th of June.

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According to a notification issued by the Finance Division, the price of petrol has been increased from existing Rs 74.52 to Rs 100.10 per liter. The price of diesel has gone up to Rs 101.46 from Rs 80.15 with an increase of Rs 21.31 per liter. The price of kerosene oil has been hiked by Rs 23.50 per liter from current Rs 35.56 to Rs 59.06 per liter. Light diesel oil (LDO) has seen a price revision by Rs 17.84 to go up from Rs 38.14 to Rs 55.98 per liter.

 Old Price (Rs per liter)New Price (Rs per liter)Difference in Rs
Kerosene Oil35.5659.0623.50
Light Diesel Oil38.1455.9817.84

After the increase, the government will continue charging Rs 30 per liter petroleum levy on petrol and diesel, Rs 6 per liter on kerosene oil and Rs 3 per liter on LDO. Last month the government had reduced prices of all petroleum products except high speed diesel to partially pass on the impact of massive international price reduction to the masses, however due to artificial shortage of fuel, the relief was never fully transferred to the public.

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The government has already increased the general sales tax (GST) on all petroleum products to a standard rate of 17% across the board to generate additional revenues. Until January last year, the government was charging 0.5% GST on light diesel oil (LDO), 2% on kerosene, 8% on petrol and 13% on HSD. Besides the 17% GST, the government has almost quadrupled the rate of petroleum levy on HSD and petrol to Rs 30 per liter from Rs 8 per liter in January last year.


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2 months ago

loot sako to loot lo tabdeeli aayi re…comment image

samir sardana
samir sardana
2 months ago

The hike in Petrol etc.,can be calibrated and differentiated by the IRP.In COVID times – the IRP (Islamic Republic of Pakistan),can raise resources,from only 5 sources Hike in Taxes of fuel and liquor Hike Rates of Power  Hike in Import Duty on Edible Oil Cutting govtt staff costs  Cutting Govtt costs The Public will not tolerate any other tax hike.dindooohindoo Since there is a demand drawdown (id.est.,the absolute demand has reduced),so the post hike rates, might be even more than,the pre-Covid cost,to a retail user Had the IRP locked into the Oil futures on BMD/NYMEX/CBOT – it would have been… Read more »

samir sardana
samir sardana
2 months ago

For the people of IRP – The Hindoos have hiked petrol and diesel 22 times in 1 month The Price of petrol in Pakistan is Rs 46 in INR terms.This is proof that Hindoos cannot run a nation.Even with 130 crore morons – the Indian state cannot reduce the petrol recovery,from the Indians.And Pakistan,with 15% of the population,is around 58% of the Indian Petrol prices ! Which is why I say,that the True Ram Rajya,was in the time of,the Mughals and Aurangzeb.They know how to administer slaves and knaves.That was paradise.In the times of Aurangzeb, jannat came to… Read more »