Isuzu D-Max Broke Its Own Lowest Sales Record

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Isuzu D-Max recorded its lowest ever sales with just 15 units in November 2019. Now however it has broken its own lowest sales record by selling only 14 units in the following month- December, according to the data released by Pakistani Automobiles Manufacturers Association (PAMA).

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Ghandhara Industries Limited (GIL) introduced the Isuzu D-Max range of pickup trucks in Pakistan in November 2018, while its sales started to appear in PAMA sales chart from February 2019. Despite being well equipped and priced lower than Toyota Hilux range of pickups; the Isuzu D-Max has failed to create any sort of problems for its rival whatsoever.

Isuzu D-Max Broke Its Own Lowest Sales Record 1

During the first half of year 2019, GIL sold 400 units of Isuzu D-Max whereas in the latter half of the year only 264 units were able to find buyers. The monthly average since the beginning of this fiscal year turns out to be just 44 units, which is the lowest among all locally assembled vehicles. However sales during the last 3 months, the sales average have fallen down to 25 units only. The last two months of year 2019 displays an even horrible picture for the D-Max with deploring 15 & 14 unit sales.

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In comparison, the Toyota Hilux saw 1,881 units sold in the first 6 months of this fiscal year at an average of 314 units a month. Although the Hilux also saw a 45% reduction in sales, as it sold 3,428 units in the discussed period a year earlier. Still Toyota Hilux sales stood almost 7 times more than that of its Isuzu rival.

Isuzu D-Max Broke Its Own Lowest Sales Record 2

Like most other locally assembled vehicles, the Isuzu D-Max also saw multiple price revisions in recent times which is believed to have affected its sales. However at this moment its half-year sales amounts less than a month’s sale of Toyota Hilux. Whether Isuzu D-Max will regain sales from January 2020, we will have to wait to find out.

What is your opinion regarding declining sales of Isuzu D-Max in Pakistan? Let us know with your comments.

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10 months ago

It is an ugly looking ute, I saw it the other day, and on top of that it sits lower to the ground than a Toyota Hil-ux, thereby, making you feel as though you are sitting in a car with high ground clearance while further forbidding the user to drive it through potholes of Karachi at speeds above 40 to 50 km. Now, one cannot expect that from 4*4, forget that an adventurist explores the country, how can he do that while driving in Sind or Balochistan? Add to that the durability factor, the Hil-ux buyer is able to enjoy… Read more »

Reply to  Khurram
10 months ago

You sir, seems to be a representative of Indus Toyota motors. It is definitely not ugly and has a way better build quality than Hilux. Hilux being locally assembled has shed a lot of quality. And for your kind information, Isuzu is a tad bit higher than Hilux. I am pretty sure you never kept a hilux, because if you did, you wont be commenting on its height. Every hilux owner including me knows that it is a custom among hilux owners in Pakistan to replace the shocks for a higher profile. If you don’t know that you are not… Read more »

Reply to  Raheel
10 months ago

Thankfully I don’t have enough money to be supposing and telling people what they are. As for height, I disagree, I have ridden in one that my cousin owns, it is a 2005 Hil-ux and I felt while sitting inside it to be higher from person sitting in a Isuzu.
In addition, if you hate locally assembled vehicle than maybe you should trade your Toyota for that mean looking Isuzu I am sure it shall represent your personality.

Rohail Yahya
10 months ago

Well Isuzu Dmax is a relatively new addition to the market with no global standing or history of reliability and performance. Thailand is the only market where this vehicle is largely sold and limited data is available.
When compared to Hilux or Sportage both vehicles are a global success and have long history of reliability and after sales service.
Personally i found DMax to be 2 steps below hilux in terms of quality and workmanship.

10 months ago

I mostly see fake comments probably from IMC funded or marketing team.

Athar Tariq
10 months ago

i think dmax sales suffered when they started to revise prices in quick successions.