Al-Haj FAW Revises Car Prices Again

Following the price increase by Pak Suzuki, Al-Haj FAW have also increased the prices of its vehicles for the third time in a year. FAW Carrier, X-PV and V2 have seen an increase of PKR 25,000 effective from 7th June 2018.

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The previous price increase was made in the month of March with an addition of 20,000 to up to 30,000 on different products. The updated price list is as follows:

STANDARD Rs.819,000 Rs.844,000
FLAT BED Rs.809,000 Rs.834,000
DECK-LESS Rs.799,000 Rs.824,000
FAW V2 Rs.1,154,000 Rs.1,179, 000
X-PV STANDARD Rs.919,000 Rs.944,000
X-PV DUAL AC Rs.969,000 Rs. 994,000


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