Changan Alsvin Prices Unveiled

Master Changan unveiled the Alsvin sedan on 11th December at a large scale press conference at Marriott Karachi, followed by the commencement of local production at their plant in Karachi on the 14th of December 2020. Exactly one month from the debut, the company has now officially announced the prices of Alsvin sedan today on the 11th of January 2021.

Available in 3 variants in two engine & transmission options, the Changan Alsvin sedan is priced as:

1.37L MT:Rs 2,199,000
1.5L DCT AT:Rs 2,399,000
1.5L DCT LUMIERE AT:Rs 2,549,000

All prices are ex-dealer which means customers in Peshawar and Karachi both can buy at the same price, without paying any extra freight cost. Bookings of the sedan are now open however the first 3 days are exclusive only for those lucky winners who pre-booked the vehicle. Bookings for the public will open from the 14th of January with deliveries set to commence from March 2021.

Changan Alsvin Prices Unveiled 1

Introducing the vision behind Changan Alsvin, Danial Malik, the CEO of Master Changan said:

“Our next car is the essence of the same win-win philosophy where the customer doesn’t have to compromise on their dreams. A car that can bring unparalleled value to our customers, our dealers, auto-parts manufacturers and the nation overall. This is a car that will transform the landscape of the Pakistani automotive industry by bringing features and technology to the customers in the segment that they could previously only have dreamt of.”

Changan Alsvin Prices Unveiled 2

Commenting on the pricing strategy, Shabbir Uddin, the Director Sales and Marketing said:

“The starting price is even less than many hatchbacks available in Pakistan whether locally assembled or imported from Japan. Whereas the price of 1.5L DCT LUMIERE is around the same as the stripped down models of other subcompact sedans assembled locally. The additional features offered in 1.5L DCT Lumiere edition compared to the highest price of comparable alternate cars in this segment are Sunroof, Cruise Control, TPMS, Start-Stop Technology and Heated side mirrors. Such features worth at least Rs 200,000 above the comparable alternate model which are priced at around 3,000,000. In that sense Changan Alsvin offers the value of a 3.2m at a price of Rs 2,549,000.”

Changan Alsvin Prices Unveiled 3

Shabbir added that cars in Pakistan are heavily taxed. The retail prices are loaded with 17% Sales Tax and a 5% FED on retail level in addition to custom duties. So the retail price of the Alsvin 1.5L DCT Lumiere edition of 2,549,000is actually only Rs 2,075,000 without Sales Tax and FED. The government should consider reduction of taxes to make automobiles more affordable for the masses and increase total volumes which would in turn result in higher revenue generation for the government.

Changan Alsvin Prices Unveiled 4

Furthermore in order to ensure transparency & eliminate the investor-made bookings, the company will allow only 1 person to book the Alsvin in a month as per the CNIC data. Plus the payment through pay order/ demand draft must have to be made from the account of customer whose name matches with the booking order.

Changan Alsvin Prices Unveiled 5

With the given prices the Changan Alsvin is all set to shake the domestic market and will not only create problems for the likes of Toyota Yaris and Honda City but will also entice Suzuki Swift, Cultus and Kia Picanto buyers into opting for a quality sedan.

What is your take on the 2021 Changan Alsvin prices in Pakistan, let us know with your comments.

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8 days ago

What does the group photo of all-male staff tell about gender diversity, inclusion and other political correctness?

8 days ago


8 days ago

the end of Toyota and Honda is near

Reply to  Arman
7 days ago

Is not it the same sort of bluff that people put forth about Bravo or F.A.W. or Isuzu D-Max? So, unless major number of buyers of this crap are able to support the cars longevity at low maintenance cost, I shall at-least be using Suzuki or Toyota. Moreover, you also need to check the list of largest car companies in the world, Toyota is on higher number

7 days ago

Well, Chinese car lovers and their IMPOSERS on other people, please feel free to trade your Toyota, Suzuki and Honda for this crap immediately.

negative waqas
Reply to  Khurram
6 days ago

lol you think you are getting world standard quality in Toyota. all cars in pak are crap with different badging

Reply to  negative waqas
6 days ago

My dear, if you live in Pakistan than you are going to know that Pakistanis cheat and lie and feel elated in causing harm to other people. I.M.C. or Pak Suzuki is sourced by Pakistanis and therefore, they are merely mimicking general habits found in our society. However, these assemblers have the grace to give Cutlus old shape that has not cost me a single repair in four years time. Since it is doing so well, why should I pay for a car that is not supported by my personal experience. Moreover, instead of questioning my thinking why don’t you… Read more »

Last edited 6 days ago by Khurram