Hat-Trick for Toyota Yaris in Beating Honda Civic & City Combined

Its hat-trick for Toyota Yaris as the subcompact sedan has outsold Honda City & Civic combined for the third month in a row.

Yaris which saw its launch event washed out in March 2020 due to COVID-19 lockdowns while observing zero sales in its initial months is now continuously dominating the sales charts. Currently it’s the second bestselling car in Pakistan behind Suzuki Alto with 11,405 units sold in the first 5 months of this fiscal year compared to 13,267 units of Suzuki’s 660cc hatchback.

Hat-Trick for Toyota Yaris in Beating Honda Civic & City Combined 1

In September 2020, Yaris outsold the Honda duo for the first time. Bear in mind Pakistan is the only market in the world where Honda is shy enough to disclose individual sales of two very different cars– Civic & City and instead present them as a combined figure since more than 6 years. The onslaught continued in October when Yaris sold 65% more units than the Honda duo. In November however, Honda sales improved but still weren’t good enough as the combined number of Civic & City again fell short of individual sales of Toyota Yaris.

 September 2020October 2020 November 2020
Honda Civic & City2,2931,8582,088
Toyota Yaris2,4213,0582,338

Data: PAMA

Cumulative sales as of the first 5 months of this fiscal year stand at 10,429 units for the Honda duo against Yaris, sales of which is 9.3% higher with 11,405 units.

Hat-Trick for Toyota Yaris in Beating Honda Civic & City Combined 2

Despite receiving multiple price revisions within a span of 7 months even when PKR is on a recovery mode against the US Dollar since August 2020, and the appearance itself which is being mocked on social media particularly due to its rather abnormal ride height, the real life sales performance of Yaris negates what’s being largely thrashed out on the internet.

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However Changan having unveiled the Alsvin sedan which is set to go on sale in January with a lesser price tag against more features, and Proton Saga which too is expected to be introduced from January 2021 will make it tough for Toyota Yaris to enjoy its current unchallenged position in the segment.

Hat-Trick for Toyota Yaris in Beating Honda Civic & City Combined 3

Whether Yaris is going to maintain its supremacy over its rivals in coming months will be an interesting thing to see. However the ultimate advantage the subcompact has over its rivals is the presence of Toyota badge, something that’s considered quite hard to beat at least as far as our market is concerned. Do you think Yaris will be able to maintain its strong sales performance in future as well? Let us know with your comments.

2 thoughts on “Hat-Trick for Toyota Yaris in Beating Honda Civic & City Combined”

  1. Well, Toyota badge has its admirers not only in Pakistan but around the world that is why it is the most loved automotive brand in the world. Anyway, we have decided to ditch Toyota Yaris in favour of used 11th generation Corolla. Father dislikes the quality of plastic used in its doors. Furthermore, one of his cousins report that rear side of interior section is not as roomy as it should be. This point is going to be deciding factor in stacking it against Proton. Perhaps people are already not preferring it because of its interior perhaps that is why reduced number of units left showrooms in November.

    1. At least you get a larger and longer car compared to yaris, it’s mean more roomier, if your are considering you corolla missing space for the rear passenger imagine in the yaris sedan how less roomier it will be.
      Proton saga seem to have a higher ceiling compared to the honda city and the yaris sedan, maybe sage will be better for passenger.

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