Will the Unstoppable be Stoppable?

Kia has created a buzz in the local automotive scene with their convoy of 4 camouflaged vehicles running along the roads of major cities of Pakistan.

The convoy of 4 camouflaged Kia vehicles running across the country

This is part of the heavily marketed campaign captioned #WeAreUnStoppable, giving us a hint of what Kia might possibly be planning to introduce in Pakistan. Although the vehicles were wrapped in camouflage, it’s always quite easy for enthusiasts to identify them. Let’s have a brief look at these 4 Kia vehicles.

Kia Stinger

Will the Unstoppable be Stoppable? 11

The Stinger is a mid-sized sports sedan by Kia which debuted in 2017 and is globally acclaimed for its stylish appearance, sharp performance, impressive build quality, spacious interior, pleasurable drive and nimble acceleration. The car is available in a variety of engines including 2.0L turbo petrol, 2.5L turbo petrol, 3.3L turbo V6 and 2.2L turbo diesel, all units having an 8-speed automatic gearbox as standard.

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The Stinger is able to sprint from 0-100km/h in 4.6 seconds (3.3L V6) while capable to achieve a top speed of up to 269km/h. The Kia Stinger has recently received a refreshed version that has been introduced in its home market South Korea while destined to reach global markets towards the end of this year.

Will the Unstoppable be Stoppable? 12

This isn’t the first time that a performance car is being introduced in Pakistan. During Dewan’s era Hyundai introduced the Tiburon 2-door sports coupe (marketed as Hyundai Coupe) with a 2.0L engine in our market. It remains to be seen whether the Stinger is being used only as an attention grabber or is really going to be introduced in Pakistan. Plus which engine will be offered for our market & whether it’s going to be the pre-facelift model or the recently introduced facelift, we will have to wait to find out.

Kia Cerato

Will the Unstoppable be Stoppable? 13

The Cerato sedan has been in news lately amid its anticipated year-end launch in our market. Equipped with a 1.6 liter engine mated to either 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission, the Cerato will primarily compete against the likes of Toyota Corolla Altis 1.6 but due to its catchy price will likely create troubles for the Honda Civic naturally aspirated versions as well as the higher-spec variants of Toyota Yaris.

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For international markets, the South Korean automaker is currently testing the Cerato facelift that will likely break covers either towards the end of this year or early next year, which most probably means we might be getting the pre-facelift model here.

Kia Sorento

Will the Unstoppable be Stoppable? 14

The Sorento mid-sized crossover SUV is another anticipated model that is set to take on the likes of Toyota Fortuner upon its arrival. Reportedly the Sorento will be much better equipped than the Fortuner and will probably be launched at 15% lesser price of that of its Toyota rival.

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Although the Fortuner is a proper 4×4 SUV with ladder frame chassis, the Sorento will have an edge of being an urban SUV with much refined inner-city driving characteristics. However the Sorento in the convoy is the 3rd gen model whereas the company has recently unveiled the 4th gen model globally which has so far reached North American markets & UK where it has won Carbuyer’s 2021 Car of the Year Award.

Will the Unstoppable be Stoppable? 15

The 4th gen Sorento won’t be coming to Pakistan

The 3rd gen Sorento comes in a variety of powertrain options depending on the market, including 2.0L & 2.4L petrol, 3.3L & 3.6L petrol V6 and 2.0L & 2.2L diesel with 6-speed manual, 6-speed auto and 8-speed automatic transmission options. At this stage there is no concrete information regarding which engine configuration will be introduced in Pakistan.

Kia Niro

Will the Unstoppable be Stoppable? 16

The current auto policy will expire in June 2021 whereas the forthcoming new policy will reportedly have benefits for hybrids & electric vehicles (EVs). That justifies the presence of Niro hybrid crossover in Kia’s convoy, and with an EV version of Niro already available elsewhere, opens the door for Kia to introduce its electrified range of products in our market.

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Niro hybrid comes equipped with a 1.6L engine assisted by a lithium-ion battery & a permanent magnet electric motor that aids the engine in hybrid mode and recharges the battery during deceleration. The Niro hybrid also gives Kia an opportunity to place hurdles for upcoming Toyota Corolla Cross hybrid which is expected to be introduced in December. However in late 2019 the Niro too, has received a facelift and it will be interesting to see whether we are going to get the refreshed model or not.

Kia Stinger & Niro were showcased at PAPS 2019

The company had already displayed the Stinger & Niro hybrid at the PAPS 2019 event in Karachi whereas Cerato sedan in its undisguised form has been spotted on various occasions on our roads already. Sorento is something new on our roads and if introduced, will most likely attract military officials, bureaucrats and politicians who are big buyers of SUVs of this size.

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Kia has been the most active player among all the newcomers that entered our market as a result of Auto Policy 2016-21. The company is enjoying tremendous success of Sportage crossover SUV whereas the range of products in their 4-vehicle convoy holds a decent chance of getting successful provided if they are priced competitively.

With this Kia looks all set to give goosebumps to its competitors. Do you think the unstoppable will be stoppable?

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1 month ago

Yes, KIA is going to be stopped by the brand image, to most observers it is a rust bucket, also people love their Toyota Hilux, Fortuner, Land Cruiser and that is the reason that even an imported J-70 version is being observed increasingly in Sind. Please note, the J-70 that I am speaking about are registered in 2020 and mimic the shape of one that is being sold in Australia in new form. The class that is buying Toyota Land Cruiser neither care what amount of money the car is worth, nor they need a bunch of gadgets to look… Read more »

Reply to  Khurram
1 month ago

Don’t worry Kia is targeting middle class not rich people, Kia speciality is mid-range car of course they are doing some premium car like the stinger. Kia is good in quality/price ratio.
Kia mother brand is Hyundai and Hyundai have a luxury brand Genesis, but it’s ain’t in Pakistan yet.
Of course the army will not use Kia vehicle, they aren’t stupid, army need 4×4 not SUV, but if you know the different you doesn’t need you earlier speech.

Reply to  Waqas
1 month ago

I thought S.U.V. stands for Sports Utility Vehicle and since utility means middle to hard rating work then it makes sense that they also come with a 4*4 set-up. However, if you have something to add to my knowledge than I am all ears?

Reply to  UsmanAnsari
1 month ago

Oh I understand better now, the word utility is there just because even a city resident has to take loads in the car and while that is a load but it is not as heavy as an equipment transported in mining areas. Hence the utility purpose of these vehicles is a mediocre one but they are comfortable as their chassis are softened-up due to reduced weight gained through usage of lower power parts. Likewise, the ladder frame cannot be as comfortable as the ones that are targeted at city dwellers because their chasses had to be stiffened-up for accommodating heavier… Read more »

Reply to  Khurram
1 month ago

Khurram the difference between SUV and 4×4 is platform, transmision and ground clearence. A 4×4 is always on all wheels drives, in an suv you can select if you want to be on 2 wheels drive or 4 wheels drive, the ground clearence on 4×4 is higher than an SUV to attack all terrains, and when you drive a 4×4 the drive is more rugged than in an SUV, SUV is a segment between sedan and 4×4, suv are more comfortable to drive than a 4×4, of course that’s doesn’t mean an 4×4 isn’t comfortable, but in all terrain it… Read more »

Reply to  waqas
1 month ago

Jazak Allah for adding to my information, however, I agree with Usman bhai the companies are often misleading their customers. Moreover, I wouldn’t say Pakistanis are ignorant, rather, they happen to be the most careful car buyers in the world. Instead of jumping the bandwagon, they wait and measure the car’s worth first and then decide to choose it on bases of first hand experience. KIA in past has failed and it is only natural that people with limited affordability for maintenance are still summing it up and as far as I know they are going to wait for five… Read more »

1 month ago

Kia cerato target is not yaris cedan, the cerato is wider and longer, cerato will target Toyota corolla and Honda civic, i think it will give trouble to the corolla who is becoming old now, the civic is still actual and fresh.