Oldest Cars on Sale in Pakistan

With a handful of new car buying options in Pakistan, cars are often introduced when done with their life in the rest of the world, or are dragged for a prolonged period of time without any improvement whatsoever. We have previously covered the globally retired cars as well as those which were dragged past a decade of production in our country; however some of these obsolete cars including the Suzuki Mehran were thankfully discontinued in recent years.

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Still there are quite a few cars on sale today which were originally developed & debuted in international markets a long time ago, and were either discontinued or have been replaced by a newer generation models elsewhere but are still being assembled locally.

Suzuki Ravi & Bolan

Oldest Cars on Sale in Pakistan 1

The Pak Suzuki Ravi & Bolan duo is originally the pickup & minivan iterations of the 7th generation Suzuki Carry that dates back to 1979. Technically both these vehicles are 4-decades old now and are still being assembled in our country. Today the Suzuki Ravi is priced at PKR 10.34 lac whereas the Bolan is available for PKR 11.34 lac.

The latest generation Suzuki Carry

Suzuki Swift

Oldest Cars on Sale in Pakistan 4

This 2nd generation of Swift we have here made its debut in 2004 but was introduced in Pakistan in 2010, the same year when it got replaced by the 3rd generation model. That third gen Swift was replaced by the 4th gen model in late 2016 in Japan and the rest of the world in 2017. The 4th gen Swift has received a facelift earlier this year, three years after it was introduced off course. Pak Suzuki has announced to finally put an end on the 2nd gen Swift in August 2021 which means by that time the car will technically be 17 years old as per international standards.

Oldest Cars on Sale in Pakistan 5

The 4th gen Suzuki Swift facelift

Honda City

Oldest Cars on Sale in Pakistan 6

Once known as the pioneers in updating their models in Pakistan, Honda Atlas has been dragging the 5th gen City since January 2009. The car made its debut in Thailand in September 2008 and was replaced by the 6th gen City in 2014. That 6th gen model has now been replaced by the 7th gen City which debuted in November 2019 in Thailand and has so far been introduced in Thailand, India and Malaysia. The 5th gen City in Pakistan which also happens to be among the most under-equipped models sold in the country is actually a 12+ years old car already.

Oldest Cars on Sale in Pakistan 7

The 7th gen Honda City sedan

Auto Policy 2016-21 opened up doors to various newcomers which are in process of introducing a variety of vehicles in Pakistan. We hope as the competition increases, there will finally be an end to the long running obsolete cars in our country.

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Ali Khan
1 month ago

One thing I don’t understand. Why can’t the government take what it did for the motorcycle sector and apply it to the car industry? We also had a very closed bike market with only a couple of bike assemblers. Then, as far as I know, the policy changed and allowed a lot of companies, especially from China, to come in. It did bring down the prices and make the bikes affordable. Why can’t this be applied to the car industry? The auto policies being introduced are still very limited and the hold of the established marks as strong as ever… Read more »

Reply to  Ali Khan
1 month ago

Maybe they is a lot of pakistani who are corrupted and doing corruption, like the PIA pilot without any degrees and proper training, a lot of thiefs, in the country that’s why we need too get rid of them to have serious people to ensure the good in all your speech, in a halal way.
That’s the fight of the new government , hope it will stay at least 20 years.

Reply to  Ali Khan
1 month ago

The bikes’ policy made the bikes affordable but low quality also. The competition resulted in lower quality and lower price instead of higher quality and lower price and lower profit for the mafias.

The article fails to mention that motorcycles which are 74% of the national fleet by number are still being manufactured with 1970s technologies such as drum brakes and carburettor with no safety features aka ABS, CBS etc. although to its credit the article does mention the most-used commercial vehicles i.e. Bolan and Carry.

1 month ago

City is the new Mehran