SSGC Says CNG Stations in Sindh Will be Closed throughout Winter

SSGC Says CNG Stations in Sindh Will be Closed throughout Winter 1

Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) has announced that CNG stations will remain closed during the entire winter season across the Sindh province.

According to SSGC officials, a plan has been prepared to shut down all CNG stations beginning from 15th of October 2020. As per information, CNG stations may reopen after a 4-monhth hiatus from 15th February 2021 or even later, depending upon the availability of gas in the system. SSGC will only allow operating those CNG stations which are running on LNG.

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SSGC says due to 150-200 mmcfd gas shortage, tougher measures have been planned for the coming winter which includes offering LNG and closure of local gas to some sectors. They also hinted gas shortages for industries.

CNG stations across the Sindh province are already observing a 2-days shutdown per week since 27th September. As per the announcement made by SSGC, the duration of CNG closure will be up to 48 hours across Sindh.

It is pertinent to mention that Sindh, which is self-sufficient in gas with up to 70% of country’s gas production share, will face acute gas shortages this winter. CNG stations in the province will now be dependent on imported LNG. According to media reports, approximately 108 out of 700 pumps have been shifted to LNG.

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Some station owners believe that Sindh has failed to fight for right share in total gas production in the country. Only Sindh produces around 70% of the total 3.8 bcf gas but share for Sindh and Balochistan both is barely around 1 bcf, which is hardly around 30% of the total gas production in the country.

This is going to be one of the lengthiest cutoff periods for CNG in the province. Bear in mind CNG is still widely used in passenger cars as well as commercial vehicles and public transport. How this shortage is going to impact those who are heavily dependent on CNG, we will have to wait to find out. Want to share your thoughts on this, let us know with your comments.

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21 days ago

That is very shameful, however, the Balochistan has been facing this type of unfair division for quite a long-time now and perhaps that is why some of their fiercest people harbour hate. The center must play its unbiased role in this troubling matter since most of public transport in Sind is going to halt completely in absence of CNG, affecting even the production of manufacturing sector and operation-ability of service sector as well. The matter is also unpleasant since Sind is already facing similar problems in water’s division between provinces as well. On people’s part help is required as well,… Read more »