Pak Suzuki Prices Increased Again

Pak Suzuki Prices Increased Again 1

Following the increase in price of Toyota Yaris, Pak Suzuki has now revised the prices of its certain models effective from the 15th of October 2020.

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According to information, prices of Alto, WagonR and Swift have seen a revision ranging from Rs 35,000 to up to Rs 42,000. Refer to the updated prices mentioned below:

Model/ VariantOld PriceNew Price
Alto VXRRs 1,398,000Rs 1,433,000
Alto AGSRs 1,598,000Rs 1,633,000
WagonR VXRRs 1,598,000Rs 1,640,000
WagonR VXLRs 1,695,000Rs 1,730,000
Swift MTRs 1,995,000Rs 2,030,000
Swift ATRs 2,140,000Rs 2,175,000

Pak Suzuki Prices Increased Again 2

Interestingly, local assemblers have always cited forex fluctuations as the primary reason for the price increase. However recently Pak Rupee has recovered its value by 3% and is hovering around Rs 163+/- against the US Dollar. Still car prices instead of reduction, are witnessing an increase which is alarming. Furthermore if we observe, only those Suzuki models which have done well in terms of sales recently have received a price push which raises an eyebrow, refer to our Winners & Losers post for individual sales stats.

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With Toyota and Suzuki having revised the prices, we can now expect Honda to follow with their price revisions in near future. Do share with us what you think about this recent surge in car prices.

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7 days ago

They know that we have no choice, yesterday we went to Diplo, Tharparkar district, the journey spanned over 700 kilometers in total. The only cars that I saw on this whole day trip were now defunct Suzuki Cultus, new Cultus, Toyota Corolla (cars from 70s’ included), Suzuki Mehran, Toyota Hilux, Suzuki Wagon R, Toyota Yaris, Suzuki Bolan and Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. I have listed names in terms of numbers, thus, the car leading the list appeared highest in terms of numbers. While cars like Honda City, Civic (2007 model), new model around here is known as a monster eating… Read more »