4th Gen Swift to Reach Pakistan Near its Global Retirement?

4th Gen Swift to Reach Pakistan Near its Global Retirement? 1

Pak Suzuki recently announced to discontinue the 2nd generation Swift that was introduced in Pakistan more than ten years ago, back in February 2010. However according to company notice, the 1.3L hatchback will stay in production for another year and will be retired officially by August 2021.

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This generation of Swift debuted at the 2004 Paris Motor Show and after completing its global lifespan, was replaced by the 3rd generation model in 2010– the same year when the retired model was introduced in Pakistan.

4th Gen Swift to Reach Pakistan Near its Global Retirement? 2

In international markets, the Swift is currently in its 4th generation that made its debut back in December 2016 and 3 years later, has received its mid-life refresh aka facelift earlier this year. Built on Suzuki’s new lightweight HEARTECT platform, the 4th gen Swift carries modern K-series engines in naturally aspirated as well as turbocharged guises under its hood along with Suzuki’s hybrid powertrain options.

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However the one sold in Pakistan still relies on the primitive M-series engine setup and remains one of the most under-equipped cars currently on sale in our market without a single airbag on offer. Today the 2nd gen Swift is priced at PKR 19.95 lac for manual and PKR 21.4 lac for the automatic variant.

4th Gen Swift to Reach Pakistan Near its Global Retirement? 3

Although Pak Suzuki has announced to discontinue the Swift, it is yet to make an official announcement regarding its replacement. However according to a well-placed source within the company, the 4th gen Swift will likely come as a substitution, but whether it will come as an immediate replacement when the current Swift goes out of production in August 2021 isn’t confirmed at this stage.

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One may expect the 4th generation Swift to arrive in Pakistan either towards the end of 2021 or early 2022, interestingly however that will be the final year of production for the 4th gen Swift in international markets. Perhaps from the looks of it, Pak Suzuki is going to maintain is tradition of bringing the ‘new’ Swift once done from the rest of the world.

4th Gen Swift to Reach Pakistan Near its Global Retirement? 4

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10 days ago

sar gand Pakistan main baichnay ko reh gaya hai? Pehlay KIA Picanto (retired 2nd Gen) now this retired Swift….

9 days ago

جناب پہلے بھی یہی ہوتا تھا مثلاً جب کوئی ملک اپنی کسی کار کی پروڈکشن بند کر دیتا تھا تو وہ کار پاکستان میں آ جاتی تھی ہونڈا,ٹیوٹا اور سوزوکی والے پہلے بھی یہی کر رہے تھے یہ پاکستان کے لیے کوئی نئی خبر نہیں