Hyundai Tucson Price Increased by Rs 200,000

Hardly a day after its official launch, Hyundai-Nishat has increased the prices of Tucson compact SUV by Rs 200,000. With this increase, the FWD GLS Sport version now cost PKR 50.99 lac whereas the AWD Ultimate is now available for PKR 55.99 lac.

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Although at the time of launch the prices were captioned as introductory, but no one was expecting the price revisions to be made within just a couple of days of its launch. As per reports the bookings of the Tucson SUV are also temporarily closed until further notice.

Hyundai Tucson price increased

There is no information on how many bookings the company was able to garner on the 12th of August, the only day when the vehicle was supposedly available on its original price, however according to the notification the price revision is effective from the 12th of August too. Perhaps since the response was overwhelming, the company might have decided to cash in the situation. What is your opinion regarding this price increase, let us know with your comments.

Hyundai Tucson Price Increased by Rs 200,000 3

4 thoughts on “Hyundai Tucson Price Increased by Rs 200,000”

  1. Imran khan should ban all Pakistan manufacturers for this unreasonable pricing of cars. Nishat Hyundai is no exception. Looks like all manufacturers have made a deal to increase prices. There needs to be a crack down on car dealers and local car manufacturers.

  2. The price increase was unethical to say the least. To me it is outright cheating. You announce a certain price in the morning newspapers, and by evening there is a greed-driven price hike. Too bad Mr Mansha.

  3. Muhammad Kamran Mazhar

    As per my info, 2600 units if Tucson were booked digitally on 12th Aug throughout the country….. That’s why price increased…

  4. It is nothing but to show oneself as greedy who has no interest in public but to get cash …. the sooner the better …… we should boycott Hyundai as two previous models were also failure (Santa Fe n Ioniq) so should it be …….

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