Lahore High Court Seeks Reply from Government over Ban on Car Imports

Lahore High Court Seeks Reply from Government over Ban on Car Imports 1

Lahore High Court has sought replies from federal government and other respondents on a petition challenging the ban on import of vehicles in Pakistan.

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Justice Sajid Mehmood Sethi was hearing a petition jointly filed by All Pakistan Motor Dealers Association (APMDA) and Car Dealers Federation-Lahore. The petitioners’ counsel Azhar Siddique argued that the federal government through the SRO on 15th January, 2019, amended the import policy and permitted the import of cars/vehicles under transfer of residence, personal baggage or gift scheme only.

Lahore High Court Seeks Reply from Government over Ban on Car Imports 2

He said in absence of any other mean for the import of vehicles, by virtue of the SRO, import of vehicles which generated revenue of approximately Rs100 billion annually for the government in the form of import duties, levies and advance income tax, was likely to be shut down completely. The counsel stated that all local manufacturers and assemblers had increased prices after the ban on import of the cars. He said leaving the local auto industry unsupervised, unchecked and monopolistic was against the true spirit of competition law of Pakistan.

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The counsel asked the court to set aside the impugned ban and permit import of cars in the larger interest of national economy, citizens especially the prospective consumers of good quality used imported vehicles. After hearing preliminary arguments, the court issued notices to the respondents and sought replies by next hearing.

Source: The News

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2 months ago

That is good news and I hope that this matter shall disseminate a positive change.

2 months ago

Good opportunity for court to skewer the Japanese mafia!

The media must also be on the lookout for the judge and other staff getting unexplained gifts like cars from Japanese mafia.

2 months ago

Honourable Justice is on the right path by calling out the government’s anti-competitive practices.

Although the local industry is also important however crash safety, environmental regulation, good salaries etc. are also important and yet they hypocritically ignore the dollars-flight due to low localization and high profit margin whereas taking action against dollar-flight due to used JDM import.

1 month ago

Any update?