Honda Car Prices Again Increased by Up to Rs 100,000

Honda Car Prices Again Increased by Up to Rs 100,000 1

Honda Atlas has once again increased the prices of its local assembled vehicles citing forex situations. The revised prices will take effect from the 10th of August 2020.

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After this latest revision, the price of BR-V has been increased by Rs 80,000, the 1.5L City variants are increased by Rs 70,000 whereas 1.3L City is hiked by up to Rs 65,000. The 1.8L Civic variants are now pricier by Rs 80,000 whereas the flagship Turbo variants have become expensive by Rs 100,000.

Honda Car Prices Again Increased by Up to Rs 100,000 2

The company has just increased prices of its cars during lockdowns in May 2020 by up to Rs 120,000. This is the second major increase within a span of 2 months. It is pertinent to mention that Honda Atlas is experiencing an appalling 53% decline in sales whereas it has recently suffered from Rs 511 million quarterly loss to add to the miseries. How well this latest increase is going to serve the company in these problematic times is yet known, however what comes to our minds is that perhaps the decrease in sales is proportional to the increase in prices. Want to share your thoughts on this, use the comment section below.

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2 months ago

Totally justified price hike!! Rather it should have been incewsed by half a million atleast, how else do you think these money exchangers and importers (not even assembers) would make money