Toyota to Resume Assembly Operations in Pakistan

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Almost two months after the local automakers began observing plant shutdowns amid lockdowns enforced to prevent the spread of deadly coronavirus, Toyota has now announced to resume its assembly operations according to the letter sent to Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX).

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According to information, Government of Sindh has allowed the company to reopen its plant under strict SOPs. The automaker will resume the manufacturing of its vehicles after Eid holidays.

Toyota to Resume Assembly Operations in Pakistan 1

In addition Atlas Honda has also announced to resume its operations whereas most vendors as well as dealers have already resumed their work under strict precautionary measures. Other automakers too, are likely to resume their operations after Eid holidays.

Toyota to Resume Assembly Operations in Pakistan 2

Sales of local assembled vehicles in April were zero for the first time in history due to COVID-19 lockdowns & stats for the month of May are going to be no different. However it will take some time for companies to regain the sales momentum as they impact of the pandemic was harder than anyone could have imagined.

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6 months ago

It should be ‘IMC’ in title, not Toyota.

Reply to  TiredOfThisShit
6 months ago

I presume that you are aware about principal agent relationship. It applies in case of I.M.C., as it is sub part of Toyota group, and it cannot operate without using the name. Moreover, Toyota global is also supposed to consolidate its revenues earned from Pakistan in global financial statements. So, in my humble opinion, the title is correct. Moreover, people know that Toyota is a maker of vehicles and not an assembler, which is one off several modes that the multinational is opting to conduct its operations by collaborating with local business tycoons.