Honda Car Prices Increased by Up to Rs 120,000

Honda Car Prices Increased by Up to Rs 120,000 1

Honda Atlas has announced to increase the prices of all of its local assembled products by up to Rs 120,000 effective from the 5th of May 2020. According to the notification, the revision has been made in wake of increased Forex and its impact on CKD and other parts.

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Honda City has seen its price increase by up to Rs 70,000, BR-V by up to Rs 100,000 whereas the Civic has witnessed an increase of up to Rs 120,000. The new prices are applicable on all bookings received from 23rd April & onwards. The notification further reads that any hike in foreign index may lead to another increase in price.

Honda Car Prices Increased by Up to Rs 120,000 2

Toyota has already announced to revise the prices of its cars last month, whereas Pak Suzuki is expected to announce its revisions in coming days as well. It is pertinent to mention that local production & plant operations are suspended from the 23rd of March until further notice due to COVID-19 lockdowns and since then currently no vehicle is being assembled locally. In the last week of April, Honda Atlas announced that its assembly plant in Pakistan will remain closed for an indefinite period of time.

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4 months ago

No net change in USD PKR parity since start of lockdown. Why are they increasing prices? Its not just the USD rate (which remained nearly stagnant) but about padding shareholder pockets and undue profits.

These companies must be boycotted and fined billions of rupees by SC for looting consumers.