Suzuki Celebrates 50 Years of Jimny

Suzuki Celebrates 50 Years of Jimny 1

The Jimny is probably Suzuki’s oldest & highly successful nameplates. The popular mini SUV has just completed 50 years of existence since the arrival of first generation model in April 1970.

Currently in its fourth generation, the Jimny is still based on a ladder-frame platform, while its suspension system has become more sophisticated over the period of time. However, what has remained constant all this while is the re-circulating ball mechanism and the part-time 4 wheel drive system.

Happy Birthday Jimny!

Happy 50th anniversary to the legend!50 years of craftsmanship, 50 years of perfection. A masterpiece of Suzuki's four-wheel drive technology since April 1970.Show us your Jimny, old or new, in the commennts! #OnlyJimny

Posted by Suzuki NZ on Monday, April 6, 2020

Suzuki Celebrates 50 Years of Jimny 4
The first-gen Suzuki Jimny

When Suzuki Jimny first arrived in 1970, it looked quite reminiscent to the first generation Toyota Land Cruiser. Over the years however, while the Land Cruiser has evolved into a more premium offering, the Jimny continues to be built using the same successful recipe of simple design, rugged mechanicals and immense off-roading capabilities.

Suzuki Celebrates 50 Years of Jimny 5

The 4th gen Jimny has already garnered plenty of success & praise across the globe, having won several international automotive awards ever since it was introduced in 2018. Not only this, the Japanese automaker has so far sold a whopping 2.85 million units of Jimny in some 194 markets around the world ever since the first-gen model made its debut.

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Suzuki Celebrates 50 Years of Jimny 6
Suzuki Potohar (SJ-410)

The Jimny has seen some good times in our market too, it first appeared here during the mid 80s when the second generation SJ-410 model arrived which was later rebadged as Potohar. The SJ410 was probably the most successful Jimny generation in Pakistan since the 3rd gen that followed was overly expensive. Pak Suzuki has also introduced the all new 4th gen Jimny last year which is priced at PKR 39.9 lac and is yet to hit the local roads.

The 2020 Suzuki Jimny comes equipped with 1.5 liter K15B four-cylinder petrol engine that is capable of churning out over 100 hp and delivering peak torque of 130 Nm, while offering Suzuki’s Allgrip Pro Part-time 4WD system as standard. The Jimny is no doubt a very popular & capable SUV, however due to an absurdly high price tag, it hasn’t been able to do well here in recent years.

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