Honda Atlas Shut Down its Plant Indefinitely

Honda Atlas Shut Down its Plant Indefinitely 1

In wake of the ongoing coronavirus crisis, Honda Atlas has announced that its assembly plant in Pakistan will remain closed for an indefinite period of time.

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This will also affect the production & deliveries schedule for the units already booked. Furthermore due to lockdowns, as per reports the company is yet to make a single unit sale in the month of April.

Honda Atlas Shut Down its Plant Indefinitely 2

Auto assemblers in Pakistan including Honda Atlas have been observing plant shutdowns since the 23rd of March, and while it was assumed that the production activities might get resumed in April, the situation doesn’t seem to be doing any favors for the local auto industry.

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In a Public Notice, the company says it is committed to taking efforts to prioritize health, hygiene & safety of its employees, customers as well as the communities at large.

Honda Atlas Shut Down its Plant Indefinitely 3

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4 months ago

I guess Pakistan will become home to second hand vehicles only. All dreams about manufacturing a car in Pakistan is dried up. I don’t think any other manufacturers of automobiles will ever set foot in our country for the next 20 years. Would like an article about the prospects of automobile industry in future.