Kia Issues Official Statement on the Sportage Fire Incident

Kia has released an official statement regarding the Sportage fire incident that recently took the internet & social media by storm.

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According to the statement, the impaired Sportage was taken to the dealership where Kia’s technical team assessed the cause of the mishap. As per the fact findings, an after-market installation was found in the vehicle which had wires cut in the main harness. Earthing of the aftermarket device was also found on the plastic plate adjacent to the fuel box.

Kia Issues Official Statement on the Sportage Fire Incident 1The investigation revealed that the fire was restricted in the engine compartment only. Furthermore the engine oil was found up to the mark and the color of the oil as well as the coolant was as per standard showing no signs of overheating. The company believes that the official statement will strengthen the connection between Kia and its consumers.

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10 months ago

So glad to see KIA being proactive about this. Much better than anything Atlas or Indus have done in their entire history in Pakistan. This inspires consumer confidence.

If all fuses were intact, that means the accessory was installed without fuse protection.

10 months ago

It can also be an act of sabotage. Can expect anything from the mafia of the big three

Abbas ali
9 months ago

Usman bahi Clame to bantta ha company sa

9 months ago

Keeping in mind the spontaneous fire incidents of Sportage abroad, the warranty should cover damage to the car if the only accessory added was a tracker.