Should Pak Suzuki Re-Introduce Margalla Nameplate in Pakistan?

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Suzuki Margalla was a popular car of the 90s and in fact is remembered among the most successful car in Pak Suzuki’s lineup. It was also the most conquering sedan sold by Pak Suzuki– the company which is otherwise known for selling small hatchbacks in our country. No other Suzuki sedan even came close to the sort of success the Margalla enjoyed in its time.

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Margalla was successful because of its decent shape, rather easy hassle-free maintenance and spacious interior which made it all in all a very practical option against a very nominal price tag which was a little more than the hatchbacks of that era, and was way below than other sedans available in the market. Even after all these years the Margalla can still be seen performing efficiently on our roads. It is an epitome of trustworthiness and the name has engraved itself as the benchmark of reliability and success in consumers’ minds.

Should Pak Suzuki Re-Introduce Margalla Nameplate in Pakistan? 1

By 2014, Pak Suzuki had to pull out of the sedan race when Liana was discontinued after a lengthened period of miserable sales. The company had no presence in the sedan segment until 2017 when the CBU imported Ciaz sedan was launched. However once again like previously introduced Suzuki sedans, the Ciaz was never able to create any problems for its rivals whatsoever.

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There are a couple of reasons attributed towards the Ciaz being unable to attract the buyers in our market. First is the fact that Ciaz missed out more than a dozen features found in international versions, it looked as if it was a stripped-down version specifically made to be sold in Pakistan. Second was the price factor, the Ciaz was priced higher compared to the hot selling Honda City and Toyota Corolla 1.3. Today the Ciaz is priced at PKR 2.3 million for manual and PKR 2.5 million for automatic and courtesy missing features, it never looks an attractive option in this price.

Should Pak Suzuki Re-Introduce Margalla Nameplate in Pakistan? 2

Another main reason is the acceptability. People are always reluctant to go for a completely new product in presence of the tried & tested. However there is a successful recipe which Pak Suzuki effectively implemented with the launch of Celerio hatchback. The Celerio came as a replacement of highly successful MK-II Cultus, and despite the fact that Celerio is a totally different product and has literally no connection with Cultus whatsoever, it was an instant hit right after its launch. Why? Because instead of introducing a completely new nameplate, Pak Suzuki labeled the Celerio as Cultus and the results were extraordinary. To date, the Cultus (Celerio) remains among the bestselling models in Pak Suzuki lineup.

Suzuki Margalla TVC from 1995

Now considering this, Pak Suzuki can bring back the Margalla nameplate to life. Being a highly successful nameplate, it can give Suzuki the same sort of success that is being enjoyed by the Celerio (Cultus). And the product that is most suited to be called as New Margalla is off course the Ciaz. However there are a couple of things that should be considered. First the Ciaz needs to be assembled locally; secondly it has to be the updated Ciaz facelift rather than the pre-facelift model. Third, it has to offer the same level of features & equipment that are offered with Ciaz in other markets. Lastly the local assembled Ciaz (say New Margalla) has to be priced lower than the existing available options in the market. If Pak Suzuki is able to tick all these parameters, then there is no reason they cannot get back their dominant position in the entry level sedan market.

Should Pak Suzuki Re-Introduce Margalla Nameplate in Pakistan? 3

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Across the border, Suzuki Ciaz remains the bestselling vehicle in its class and even outsells its arch rival the 6th generation Honda City & Hyundai Verna by a considerable margin. The combination of a good product and a successful nameplate can definitely bring Suzuki the desired results. Do you think Pak Suzuki should consider bringing back the highly successful Margalla nameplate in Pakistan? Let us know with your comments.

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Rafi Ansari
9 months ago

You are obviously smart but the people at Pak Suzuki
are not and do not understand the market, they don’t care about this. Only if they had a small Brain maybe then they can also be as successful as Maruti Suzuki.

Maqsood Hassan
9 months ago

Good suggestion to reintroduce Margala name plate replacing CIAZ sedan. The author has underrated CIAZ for which he is not justified. The price comparison is not correct. If the on is included in city or xli gli then the CIAZ remains cheaper. Further, CIAZ has an edge of build quality compared to its above mentioned contemporaries. I have purchased CIAZ in late 2017 and still find it excellent in performance to which the other contemporaries has no match. They all are sluggish and not comfortable. The author has also not intentionally pinpointed the cartalisation between IMC, HACL and PSM. By… Read more »

Reply to  Maqsood Hassan
9 months ago

You may be right, however, we are satisfied with our Gli, the tax on which by the way is far lower than the amount even a filer has to pay every year and fuel consumption is also okay (18 Kms per litre).
On another note, doesn’t sluggish mean lazy? I am scratching my head while pondering on your use of word for Gli (AT) because it is fine and never whines while overtaking trucks even on a single track connecting Mirpur and Digree (both are one of cities of Sind province and come your way while enroute to Diplo).

Reply to  Khurram
9 months ago

18km per liter on gli? Not even in your wildest dreams.
And yes a 4 speed auto with an old 1.3 engine pulling an overweight car will definitely be sluggish. Nothing confusing about it.

Reply to  camaro
9 months ago

I think that comments coming from the owner of car rather than the ones acting the keyboard warrior and pulling faces at what others have to say should count dear. Furthermore, according to driving professionals racing your car through the streets with the pedal floored fully would fail to economise your fuel bill even with an electric vehicle. On the other hand, if you drive your car at 100 or 105 while letting its speed climbing-up at a standard rate. The manner can give you even 20 kms, to get more info on economical driving tips, consult Bhai Usman. However,… Read more »

Rameez Javed
9 months ago

Well I don’t care what name they come up with. I just want Suzuki to stop degrading us by introducing rubbish cars at inflated prices and man up and produce international standard cars at reasonable price. Enough is enough

Farrukh Saeed
9 months ago

The more acute requirement for utility companies/general public is vehicles like Suzuki SJ410 jeep , why nor reintroduce it with an EFI engine ? The SUZUKI Jimny price is too high for general public and their is no alternative to SJ410 !

9 months ago

This is a rather fantastic idea!

8 months ago

If they offer cruise control, I will immediately go for the same…

8 months ago

If they offer cruise control, I will definitely buy..

Malik siraj
8 months ago

Yes pak suzuki should launch margalla but it should b with modren feautres as in india and all over the world but with little lower price than honda city and toyota 1.3