Sindh Government to Ban Airlift and Swvl

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The Sindh Government’s Transport Secretary Ghulam Abbas Detho has written a letter to the Regional Transport Authority asking him to stop the services of Airlift and Swvl. According to the letter, these companies have started their services without a Vehicle Fitness Certificate and No Objection Certificate (NOC).

Sindh Government to Ban Airlift and Swvl 1

As per details, Ghulam Abbas Detho has said that Airlift, Swvl and similar other companies are providing coaster facilities to customers using advanced technology and internet apps without acquiring root permits and vehicle fitness certificates, which is damaging the state exchequer.

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In this regard, a notice has been sent to Nazar Hussain Shahani, secretary of the Regional Transport Authority stating that ordinary vehicles have been added to the service without being registered through any regulatory bodies. Traveling in such cars by the common people is a security risk, the notice says.

Sindh Government to Ban Airlift and Swvl 2

After online registration, the vehicles of the companies providing travel services to the consumers are operating on a commercial basis without a permit route, which is provided in section 2 (5), (20), section of the Motor Vehicle Ordinance 1965 (MWO) 39 and Section 40 violations. Lawsuits should be taken against these companies for the protection of the public and increase in government revenue. In the notification, the relevant authorities have also been instructed to inform the companies immediately about litigation.

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In this regard, Regional Transport Authority (RTA) Secretary Nazar Hussain Shahani, while talking to Daily Jasarat, said that we have not received permission from the government to provide coaster service through online apps. They will be closed if no permission is granted.

“We have sent a letter to these companies a week ago asking them to drive their vehicles on the roads of Karachi only after acquiring route permits. We have been waiting for their response for a week. If there is no reply, we will ask DIG traffic to initiate an action against them because the traffic police have the responsibility.”

Sindh Government to Ban Airlift and Swvl 3

On the other hand, Executive Director of Airlift Pakistan Syed Maher Haider spoke to Daily Jasarat, saying that we are committed to remove all the concerns of the Sindh government. We are ready to fully cooperate with the Government of Sindh, we have received a letter from the Regional Transport Authority (RTA) and will be answering it soon. We cannot violate the law & will work together with the government to reduce the problem of transport in Karachi and implement whatever law exists in this regard.

“We are making it easier for the government in terms of public transport. We are ready to work with the government, and have requested them to adopt this new technology, because it has benefits for Pakistan and will provide employment to millions of people.”

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Zulfiqar Abro
1 year ago

corrupt Sindhis coming into action

Najamuddin Sheikh
1 year ago

saeen sarkaar wants its bhatta.. same they did with uber & careem too

1 year ago

corruption khapay

Tahir Ali
Reply to  Tasadduq
1 year ago

Haha ek dum sahi kaha

1 year ago

They are not working for the people of Karachi. And don’t let any body to work for the benefit of Karachi people. They just need there money. Once the money briefcase reaches there. They will shut there mouths.

Abbas zaidi
1 year ago

Vehicle fitness certification – are you kidding haram Khor ? So you are saying these public transport buses are fit to be on road. Height of shamelessness. Bloody uneducated cheap ministers who aren’t even fit to be janitors.

Muhammad Muaaz
1 year ago

Wow, 12 years of govt. in Sindh and they managed to provide a bus service which only runs on 10 buses and on one route only,
How dare you swvl and airlift provide anything to the general public, please first fill our stomach with endless cash or deal with us,
On the other hand this public wont do anything except posting on social media and they will ban these services just like they banned uber and careem

Fareed Ahsan
1 year ago

It means Govt. of Sindh is going to provide a better and cheaper service.
They are unable to provide basic transport services to the masses and they raise objections, hindering the operations of any organization that is doing their job and making life easier for the common man.