Kia Picanto Booking to Start Next Week

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Kia-Lucky Motors will start accepting bookings of the much awaited Picanto hatchback from next week, CarSpiritPK has learned. As per sources, the deliveries of Kia Picanto will ideally begin towards the end of October.

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The 1000cc Picanto hatchback will be the first small car offered by a mainstream automaker ever since the Auto Policy 2016-21 was announced. Although one might bring United Bravo into debate but that’s not coming from a renowned auto manufacturer and despite being on sale for more than a year, the vehicle is yet to step out of selected cities of Punjab province.

Kia Picanto Booking to Start Next Week 1

Kia Picanto is expected to give buyers an option among small cars– the segment which is wholly dominated by Pak Suzuki. The Picanto stacks up pretty close to the Pak Suzuki Cultus (Celerio) having similar dimensions as well as the engine. To read more about an in-depth analysis of the two, click here.

The Picanto will ideally be priced around the Suzuki Cultus variants, though official prices are yet to be announced. However since Kia-Lucky is going to introduce an out-gone Picanto model in Pakistan, they may be able to price it lower than the Suzuki rival.

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How much success the Picanto is going to garner in our market depends a lot on its price and after sales support. But if priced correctly, it’s sure going to give some serious competition to small Suzuki hatchbacks in Pakistan.

What according to you should be ideal price of Kia Picanto in Pakistan, let us know with your comments. Stay tuned to CarSpiritPK for more information on Kia Picanto launch in Pakistan.

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Ammar Sehri
1 year ago

Where I can find KIA showroom in Islamabad?

Reply to  Ammar Sehri
1 year ago

No where, as of now.

1 year ago

price should be below 15 lacs otherwise it will be fail

1 year ago

Suzuki’s time is going to get over soon

Babar Omar
1 year ago

Price to be announced on the 13th of September.

Adeel Mirza
1 year ago

Price will be equivalent to that of Suzuki Cultus as confirmed from Kia officials.

Cultus AGS is 1.975 million. Same price will be for Picanto AGS.

Reply to  Adeel Mirza
1 year ago

then kia RIP

Iqbal Ahemd
1 year ago

hope they maintain quality and price. dont be greedy early on

Shah ji
1 year ago

Expected price for picanto around 18 to 20 lakh which is a serious concern. Price should be around 15 to 17 lakh. Anyway let’s see

Bilal Taqi
Reply to  Shah ji
1 year ago

agree. 18 lakh+ means kia is digging its own grave again

1 year ago

Price should be between 13 to 14. otherwise suzuki is enough for overpriced in market. then no need of new companies in pakistan.

Muhammad Abbas Ahmed
1 year ago

price expectation?
Manual: 1300k
Auto: 1600k

Adnan Yaqub
1 year ago

Whats about its price….?

Mudasser Niazi
1 year ago

Price should be under 17 lacs

Koukab Ismaeel
1 year ago

why they bringing old picanto? why not new one with tiger nose grill?

Tariq Mateen
1 year ago

should give tough competition to cultus but price must be lower

پڑھ لے
Reply to  Tariq Mateen
1 year ago

Agree, the only competition to cultus is price, if same price then it will not be able to compete.

Dr Shakeel
1 year ago

It’s auto variant must not exceed 1.4 million

پڑھ لے
1 year ago

Whatever price will be but after seeing too many Alto on Lahore roads, I believe people will buy and buy in numbers