Pak Suzuki WagonR Going Down the Hill

Pak Suzuki WagonR Going Down the Hill 1
Pak Suzuki WagonR Going Down the Hill 2

WagonR was once among the best selling 1000cc car in Pak Suzuki’s lineup. However in recent times its sales have suffered quite badly.


The above table shows soaring sales figures of WagonR which improved every passing year. In fiscal year 2018-19 it recorded its highest-ever sales with 33,176 units sold. However the start of this fiscal year is dismal for Pak Suzuki’s tallboy hatchback.

Pak Suzuki WagonR Going Down the Hill 4

The WagonR saw a production of only 2,772 in July this year, compared to which 3,245 units were produced in July 2018. As for sales 2,767 units were sold in July 2018, while only 843 were sold in July 2019.

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The second month of the current fiscal year went even bad for the WagonR. While production got reduced to 1,256 units, it hardly managed to sell 645 units in August 2019. For the sake of comparison WagonR saw a handsome 2,450 units sold in August 2018. As of the first two months of this fiscal year, WagonR sales have already reduced -72% compared to the figures from previous year.

Pak Suzuki WagonR Going Down the Hill 6

So what has gone wrong with the WagonR? Yes the industry is facing a slowdown due to the constantly rising prices and imposition of FED, but still its sibling the Cultus is doing reasonably well in sales.

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As analyzed by us previously, the introduction of Alto 660cc has taken the major chunk of buyers away from WagonR. Its primarily because the Pak Suzuki WagonR is heavily underspec. The most expensive Wagon R VXL variant cost PKR 16.25 lac, however it has no airbags, no ABS, no power mirrors, only 2 power windows etc.

Pak Suzuki WagonR Going Down the Hill 8

Compared to this the VXL variant of Alto 660cc that cost PKR 14.33 lac offers dual airbags, ABS, power mirrors, all 4 power windows and best of all comes nearly 200,000 cheaper than the Wagon R VXL. And while Wagon R is suffering from poor sales with just 1,488 units sold in the first 2 months of FY2019-20, the Alto 660cc has sold 8,019 units in the same period already.

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Pak Suzuki is currently in process of introducing the Wagon R AGS that will likely be launched in the next couple of months. However we believe it’s the short of equipment and a rather unusual shape that’s costing WagonR in numbers rather than an AGS transmission. Whether the introduction of WagonR automatic will help retain its sales, only time will tell.

Pak Suzuki WagonR Going Down the Hill 10
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Nasir Baig
Nasir Baig

Lol teen dabba was only selling coz there was no other option. now people buying alto are saving 2 lakh and geting better loaded car with better fuel economy

پڑھ لے
پڑھ لے

even new alto is also Teen Baba, with back lights on bumpers that often hit by motor cyclist in cities.

Muhammad Muaaz Muhammad Yaseen
Muhammad Muaaz Muhammad Yaseen

its an ugly shape, its the worst suzuki after bolan and celerio, thats why its gonna come down when options open up for people, launch another fake auto version of this car and just make advertisement boards colorful they wouldnt be much better

Asad Samiuddin
Asad Samiuddin

soon sales will reach to zero. byebye wagonR