IMC Offering Free Registration on 1.3L Toyota Corolla Variants

IMC Offering Free Registration on 1.3L Toyota Corolla Variants 1

Amid massive slowdown in sales, Indus Motor Company is now offering “free registration” on all 1.3 liter Toyota Corolla variants. This offer is limited to the booking of first 1,000 units.

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Toyota Corolla which is country’s best selling car started this fiscal year with poor sales. In July 2019, IMC sold only 1,981 units of Corolla sedan as opposed to 4,566 units sold in July 2018. This is a massive -56% reduction in sales compared to the figure from previous year.

IMC Offering Free Registration on 1.3L Toyota Corolla Variants 2

The imposition of FED and added duties & taxes has pushed the prices of cars out of the reach of masses and has badly dented the sales of locally assembled cars, including the bestselling Corolla. The current 1.3 liter Toyota Corolla variants are priced between PKR 24.99 lac and PKR 28.49 lac.

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Indus Motor Company thus looks to lure buyers with these incentives in order to patch up the declining sales. The company is also working on to introduce a new entry level sedan– the Yaris most likely towards the end of this year.

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1 year ago

isi tara k laaray lappay daingay but price kam nahi karain gey ye loge

تنویر امام
تنویر امام
1 year ago

یہ لوگ قیمتیں کم کرنے کے علاوہ سب کچھ کریں گے۔