IMC Testing Toyota Yaris with 2 Different Engines

IMC Testing Toyota Yaris with 2 Different Engines 1
IMC Testing Toyota Yaris with 2 Different Engines 2

Yesterday, images of a camouflaged Toyota Yaris sedan on the Motorway went viral on social media. Indus Motor Company is currently road-testing the Yaris sedan for a possible year-end launch.

The vehicle bearing the registration number BQQ-861 that was spotted yesterday had a 1329cc engine (1.3L) under its hood, however another unit was spotted bearing registration number BQQ-386, the images of which were shared by one of our readers has a 1498cc engine (1.5L) under its hood.

Yaris sedan that was launched in India last year is powered by a 1.5 liter engine. However in Thailand, where it’s called the Yaris Ativ, it gets a smaller 1.2 liter engine to comply with the Eco Car category making it eligible for the subsidies. It is yet unclear if IMC will offer Yaris sedan in two engine options, we will have to wait to find out.

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The 1329cc engine in Toyota’s lineup is most possibly the 4NR-FE unit that churns out 98hp of power and 123Nm of torque. The 1498cc engine on the other hand is 2NR-FE unit that punches out 106hp of power and 140Nm of torque.

It was earlier reported that the 1.3 liter variants will replace the Corolla XLi & GLi in Pakistan. However an entry-level Toyota sedan having 1.3 and 1.5L engine options primarily going against the likes of Honda City 1.3 & 1.5L cannot be ruled out.

IMC Testing Toyota Yaris with 2 Different Engines 11

In Pakistan the 1.3 liter Corolla variants are powered by 2NZ-FE (1298cc) engine with miniscule 84hp of power and 120Nm of torque. The upcoming Yaris sedan is approximately 200kg lighter than the E170 Corolla we have here, and with more powerful engines under the hood, it’s expected to perform better than the 1.3L Corolla variants.

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According to an official, IMC is committed to launching a new sedan despite slowdown in sales, most likely by the end of this year. Stay tuned to CarSpiritPK for more information on Toyota Yaris sedan in Pakistan.

IMC Testing Toyota Yaris with 2 Different Engines 13
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Kamran Zuberi
Kamran Zuberi

Vios should hav been a better option. The Yaris is one ugly car for sure


As usual, we find nothing else useful but to moan and belittle other people’s efforts. I suppose people like you don’t even have the wit to achieve as much as these people have done. Otherwise, there would be a number of odd looking Chinese vehicles plying our roads.


bhai ye yaris hai ya vios :scomment imagecomment image

Imtiaz Sheikh
Imtiaz Sheikh

finally we’ll get rid of the 2Nz-fe 🙂


its not yaris its 1000cc vios. please check this