IMC Issues Public Notice Regarding Stolen Vehicles

Indus Motor Company (IMC) has issued a public notice regarding their stolen vehicles after the termination of Toyota Gujranwala Motors (TGUJM) dealership.

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As per details, vehicles received by TGUJM for onward delivery to Toyota customers have been stolen along with their invoice and sales certificate. IMC urge all relevant authorities to ensure that the below mentioned vehicles are not registered.

IMC Issues Public Notice Regarding Stolen Vehicles 1

If somehow the vehicles are already registered, the company insists the authorities to cancel the registration immediately. IMC also advise the consumers to remain vigilant and to not purchase the mentioned vehicles from the market as company is pursuing strict legal action with regard to theft and recovery of these vehicles.

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Earlier in May, the owner of Toyota Gujranwala Motors fled to Canada with PKR 7 billion of customers’ money. Following this fraud, Indus Motor Company had terminated dealership of Toyota Gujranwala Motors for noncompliance of the company’s rules and regulations.

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  1. as if these were stolen by some random thug. come on it was Toyota AUTHORIZED DEALERSHIP why can’t Indus motor take direct action instead of acting like crying baby?

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