Petrol Price Increased to Rs 112 per Liter

Petrol Price Increased to Rs 112 per Liter 1

Government has approved the increase in petroleum prices as recommended by OGRA. After an increase of Rs 4.26, petrol will now cost Rs 112.68. The price of high-speed diesel has been increased to Rs 126.82, light diesel will cost Rs 88.62 while kerosene oil will now cost Rs 98.46. The revised prices will be applicable from Saturday, the 1st of June 2019.

OGRA in its summary had recommended an increase of Rs 8.53 per liter in petrol prices, Rs 8.99 in diesel, Rs 1.68 in light diesel, and Rs 1.69 in kerosene oil. Petrol prices already saw an increase of Rs 9 per liter that was announced earlier this month. Now this will be the second massive increase in petroleum prices within a span of less than 30 days.

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