Pak Suzuki Increase Prices of Cultus AGS and Swift

Pak Suzuki has announced to revise the prices of 1.0L Cultus VXL AGS and 1.3L Swift variants according to a notification sent to authorized dealerships.

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In the previous round of revisions that were made on the 30th of March, Pak Suzuki did not announce the price revisions of these models. Now with an increase of PKR 30,000 the price of Cultus VXL AGS has reached PKR 16.68 lac, whereas the Swift DLX NAV manual now cost PKR 15.85 lac and Swift DLX NAV A/T is available for PKR 17.21 lac.

The revised prices will be applicable from the 1st of May 2019.

Pak Suzuki Increase Prices of Cultus AGS and Swift 1

4 thoughts on “Pak Suzuki Increase Prices of Cultus AGS and Swift”

  1. Dr. Salman Saeed

    How far can they go? I think pretty soon they will loose all business. Pak Suzuki must think of bringing in their high end latest models if they want to stay alive.

  2. Shabash suzuki, give us every reason to bring you down and kick you out like china and US did years ago..

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