Suzuki to Log ¥80 Billion Loss Over Recall of 2 Million Cars

Suzuki to Log ¥80 Billion Loss Over Recall of 2 Million Cars 1

Suzuki Motor Corporation said on Friday it will log a special loss of around ¥80 billion ($714 million) for the business year ended last month over a recall of 2 million vehicles affected by improper product inspections.

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The Japanese automaker also submitted to the transport ministry an investigation report compiled by its lawyers on inappropriate checks on brakes and fuel-economy.

Suzuki to Log ¥80 Billion Loss Over Recall of 2 Million Cars 2

In August last year, Suzuki along with Mazda and Yamaha admitted to have cheated on the emissions tests. Earlier, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Subaru were also involved in allegedly falsifying the data and conducting improper tests on their vehicles putting a negative impact on Japanese reputation and their vehicle testing.

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Japanese manufacturers haven’t had a great time since then. Along with this latest news, the supplier Takata ended up in some very hot water after it had to recall tens of millions of airbag inflators for turning into shrapnel bombs after being exposed to humidity. The Japanese supplier Kobe Steel also admitted to falsifying data on metals that made their way to multiple automakers.

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