Pak Suzuki Introduces ‘Courtesy Car’ Facility in Pakistan

Pak Suzuki Introduces ‘Courtesy Car’ Facility in Pakistan 1

Pak Suzuki has introduced the ‘Courtesy Car’ facility for its customers for the first time in Pakistan. The facility allows the customers, who have left their cars at Suzuki dealership for repair/service, to drive off in a replacement vehicle.

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Courtesy car will be given for a certain period of time, as long as the actual car stays at the dealership. Once the required service is completed, the dealership will deliver customers their car and take back the replacement vehicle.

Pak Suzuki Introduces ‘Courtesy Car’ Facility in Pakistan 2

‘Courtesy Car’ facility is currently available at selected Suzuki dealerships, so do confirm before leaving your own car.

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1 year ago

Lol what if the “Courtesy car” breaks down? 😀

Reply to  Ahmed1989
1 year ago

Haha 😂😂 call another courtesy car 😎😎