Honda and Toyota at PAPS 2019

Honda and Toyota at PAPS 2019 1

At this year’s PAPS (Pakistan Auto Parts Show) that is being held at Karachi Expo Center, Honda’s booth was literally quite inferior. Situated right next to the Kia’s jam-packed booth that was full of exotic cars and foreign show girls, Honda’s stand looked almost barren.

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Honda displayed the newly launched Civic 1.5 Turbo RS, which gathered some attention. Visitors were able to look at the ‘new’ features of the Civic. The hood having a 1.5 liter Earth Dreams engine remained open for the onlookers. Then there was a Honda BR-V, and that’s pretty much about it.

However the interesting thing for the visitors was the Honda Sensing Suite demonstration unit, placed between the Civic and the BR-V. It allows people to experience Honda Sensing in a safe and controlled setting and can further understand this suite of advanced safety technology using Virtual Reality.

Honda and Toyota at PAPS 2019 8

Toyota’s booth seemed even more barren than that of Honda. With a display of cars that you often see running on the roads, there was nothing special for the public at large. There was Hilux Revo, Fortuner, Corolla and the infamous half-cut Corolla model that has graced almost every PAPS show ever since.

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