Female Driver Crashes Her Car Into a Restaurant

Female Driver Crashes Her Car Into a Restaurant 1

An alleged female driver crashed her car right into the entrance of Habibi Restaurant situated in I-8, Islamabad. Although there is a debate going on social media whether the driver was a man or a woman, the witnesses on spot have claimed that the driver was apparently a female.

The internet is full of examples of driving & parking mishaps by female drivers, and this is just another addition to that list. Recently a lady in India, went straight out of the showroom through its windows, crashing from a height of 3 feet and then slamming onto other cars standing in the dealership’s parking lot.

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However after the incident causing damage to the Habibi restaurant as well as the vehicle itself, the driver of the Daihatsu Mira reportedly fled from the scene.

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1 year ago

Literally anyone could’ve done this. I don’t know why you felt the need to plaster the word FEMALE everywhere. From my experience, both Men and Women can be great drivers or awful drivers. It has nothing to do with gender.
I’m a male and I wouldn’t call myself a feminist but this is unwarranted targeting of half the world’s population based on the acts of a few. These stories only get highlighted when a female is the culprit whereas these accidents happen to men all the time.

Muhammad Muaaz Muhammad Yaseen
Muhammad Muaaz Muhammad Yaseen
Reply to  camaro
1 year ago

not half the population get your facts straight, there was nothing wrong with the article, u had to make the entry and call it gender discrimination? these are sensitive issues try to be careful there was nothing inappropriate..