Prince DFSK to Launch 800cc Hatchback in Pakistan

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Regal Automobiles Industries Ltd, the makers of Prince DFSK vehicles in Pakistan are all set to introduce an 800cc hatchback that will take on the United Bravo in our market.

According to our information the vehicle will come equipped with 4-speed manual transmission, however there will be an automatic transmission variant on offer as well. The vehicle will also offer the same level of equipment as offered with United Bravo.

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The 800cc hatchback that will most likely be named as ‘Pearl’ will be launched towards the middle of this year with a price tag under PKR 800,000. The company has already imported few units for trial & testing and is a good position to launch the vehicle in our market in near future.

Regal Automobile Industries and DFSK Group of China had entered into a technical agreement for assembling vehicles under “Prince” brand name. Regal is Pakistan’s third largest bike manufacturers, and their automobile assembly plant has started its operations last year where light commercial vehicles and vans are being made.

Further information will be updated as and when available. Stay tuned to CarSpiritPK.

More details updated here:

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Arbab Malick
1 year ago

so instead of quality hatchbacks we will be on mercy of these chinese gargbage :@

Syed Laraib
1 year ago

Have to say, its better looking than Bravo

1 year ago

Oh my, it looks so bloated at the front, just like when somebody is blowing his nose and the nostrils grow wider. The interior however looks okay, at-least in the pictures.

Abdul Haseeb
1 year ago

another chinese trash. looks like pakistan will become a dumping ground of low quality Chinese cars which even Chinese dont like to drive

Asif Tirmizi
1 year ago

so this was what we were waiting? another cheap chinese car to run on our roads? 🙁

1 year ago

IMO its much better looking then Bravo

Tabish Ghouri
1 year ago

it looks like a changan benni??