FAW Car Prices Revised- July 2018

Al-Haj FAW has revised prices of its light vehicles with an increase of 25,000 to 30,000 amid falling Pak rupee value against US Dollar. This is the fourth revision in prices by Al-Haj FAW since January 2018.

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Price of FAW V2 and FAW Carrier have seen an increase of Rs. 25,000 whereas FAW X-PV is now available with an increase of Rs. 30,000. The revised prices are as follows:

STANDARD 869,000 844,000
FLAT BED 859,000 834,000
DECK-LESS 849,000 824,000
X-PV STANDARD 974,000 944,000
X-PV DUAL AC 1,024,000 994,000
FAW V2 1,204,000 1,179, 000

With the Pak rupee constantly depreciating against the US Dollar, it is quite likely for auto consumers of Pakistan to witness a couple of more price revisions in coming months. Let us know with your comments regarding the ongoing price increase.

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