Honda Car Prices Revised

Honda Car Prices Revised 1

Following Indus Motors and Pak Suzuki, Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan (HACPL) has revised prices of 1.3 and 1.5 liter Honda City and 1.8 liter Honda Civic models amid Rupee devaluation against USD.

The 1.3 liter Honda City and 1.8 liter Civic have seen a price increase of RS. 50,000 while the 1.5 liter City variants have been revised with RS. 60,000 price increase. On the other hand, the prices of Honda BR-V remain unchanged.

The updated prices are:

  • City 1.3 iVtec: 15.99 lac
  • City 1.3 iVtec Prosmatec 17.39 lac
  • City 1.5 iVtec: 16.59 lac
  • City 1.5 iVtec Prosmatec: 17.99 lac
  • City 1.5 Aspire: 17.89 lac
  • City 1.5 Aspire Prosmatec: 19.29 lac
  • Civic 1.8 iVtec CVT: 23.99 lac
  • Civic 1.8 iVtec Oriel CVT: 25.49 lac

In addition, the prices of imported models have also been revised. The new prices are:

  • Accord Vti 2.4: 122.5 lac
  • HR-V 1.5: 41.9 lac
  • CR-V 2.0: 89.0 lac
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