FAW Vehicle Prices Revised

FAW Vehicle Prices Revised 1

As a result of ongoing Rupee devaluation against US Dollar, auto companies in Pakistan are in a process of revising their product prices.

Following similar moves by Indus Motors and Pak Suzuki, Al-Haj FAW have revised prices of their vehicles from PKR 30,000 to up to 50,000.

FAW Carrier and X-PV variants have seen an increase of 30,000 while the price of V2 has been jacked up with an addition of PKR 50,000. The update prices are:

  • Carrier Deckless PKR 7.79 lac
  • Carrier Flatbed PKR 7.89 lac
  • Carrier Standard PKR 7.99 lac
  • X-PV Standard PKR 8.99 lac
  • X-PV Dual AC PKR 9.49 lac
  • V2 PKR 11.19 lac
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