Suzuki Mehran Now Comes With Immobilizer

Suzuki Mehran Now Comes With Immobilizer 1

In a surprising move, Pak Suzuki has started to offer Immobilizer with Suzuki Mehran as a standard feature.

This however has affected the prices of the vehicle. With a Rs. 24,000/- increase, the new prices of Suzuki Mehran variants with effect from 10th April 2017 are as follows:

VX:                   PKR 679,000/-
VXR:                 PKR 732,000/-
VX CNG:           PKR 749,000/-
VXR CNG:        PKR 802,000/-

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In the new Auto Policy 2016-21 it was mandatory for the automobile manufacturers to include immobilizer and airbags. It seems as if Pak Suzuki is left with no choice but to update their vehicles, despite a 53% slash in its profits.

Suzuki Mehran Now Comes With Immobilizer 2

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