Suzuki Ciaz- Vlog

Suzuki Ciaz- Vlog 1
Suzuki Ciaz- Vlog 2

Pak Suzuki officially launched the 1.4l Ciaz sedan in February 2017 & marked their comeback in the sedan segment, the segment which Suzuki abandoned after the discontinuation of Liana in 2014.

Suzuki Ciaz was developed to compete with the 6th generation Honda City in Asian markets, and it does so quite well. In India, the Ciaz outsold its arch rival Honda City 6th gen, becoming the best selling vehicle in its class, however in Pakistan the Ciaz is yet to pick up sales. It also remains a fact that everywhere else the Ciaz competes with the 6th generation Honda City but in Pakistan it has to go against the older 5th gen City, which is on sale in Pakistan since 2009.

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While the Ciaz has started to appear on roads, though not as swiftly as one would have expected, we will have to wait and see its how it performs and how well is the overall ownership experience. We will be doing a Suzuki Ciaz review shortly, in the meantime enjoy the Vlog by Muhammed Abdullah and find out the good and bad about the Ciaz..


Suzuki Ciaz- Vlog 2
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