Honda Civic 2016 Picking Up Sales

Honda Civic 2016 Picking Up Sales 1


Honda Atlas Cars sold 5,295 units in the first two months of FY17, recording an increased sales of 15% year-on-year. Sales for the month of August soared 59% to 3,174 units.

This improvement in sales is attributed to the introduction of the 10th generation Civic which generated great interest among the customers. Despite a high price tag and some shabby quality control issues, which circulated a lot on social media, the new Civic is doing fairly well for Atlas Honda.

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According to an advertisement published, Civic orders have been completely booked for 2016 and delivery for the bookings being done now will be made in 2017.


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Abdullah Saqib
Abdullah Saqib
4 years ago

Pakistan is a poor country with rich people. they can book a car without even seeing it. Gosh its 3 million+ and so many quality issues and still people buy coz they just wana show hey look i’ve got a 3.0 million car