Dewan Motors To Re-Launch Shehzore..

Dewan Motors To Re-Launch Shehzore.. 1

It has been reported from reliable sources that Dewan Farooque Motors Limited (DFML) is about to re-launch its famous and very successful medium-sized truck Shehzore, but likely bearing a different name this time.

During its prime days in Pakistan more than a decade ago, Shehzore was a formidable option in its class and had won the trust of customers due to its rugged construction, unmatched reliability and performance. The remaining Shehzore’s today are found mostly in bad shape due to unavailability of spares and absence of proper maintenance.

According to our reports Landhi Engineering Works Pvt. Ltd who are the manufacturers of heavy duty leaf springs are working on this project while their technical team has already made a sample for test & trial. The sample of leaf spring assembly has also been approved by the Quality and Technical team of DFML.

The absence of Shehzore in the Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) segment left a big void which none of its competitors could since fill up. The news of Shehzore’s comeback would surely bring a sigh of relief to those relying on the LCV’s.


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4 years ago

when launching new shehzor and when available in market with how much price

4 years ago

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